Powder Springs Road Plating

Austell, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Leonardo Ceron
On Scene Coordinator


5491 Austell Power Springs Road
Austell, GA 30106

Latitude: 33.8200496
Longitude: -84.6419656

5491 Powder Springs Road, Austell, GA
Facility name unknown

Small business electroplator impacted by recent GA Flooding. Originally reported to Cobb County and referred to GAEPD this week. Facility shows signs of tank leakage and acid pools left after owners allegedly attempted to siphon & salvage materials after flood receded. Cobb County and GAEPD have been unable to locate or determine any contact information for the PRPs, but neighbors have reported various information about the owner's activities. It is unknown if the facility has been abandoned of if the owner/operator will return for further salvaging/repairs. Spilled chemicals have run off the facility property and into a creek or city sewer system. GAEPD hazardous waste section and Austell PD Sgt. Pearson visited the site today; for most recent information contact John Fonk with EPD at 770-331-4243(cell). The Austell PD is securing the site this evening.

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