Winterville Residential Mercury

Winterville, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Terry Stilman
On Scene Coordinator

12 Dogwood Way
Winterville, GA 30683

Latitude: 33.9792040
Longitude: -83.2354690
NRC#: 926221

On December 11, 2009, EPA OSC Hughes mobilized to Ogelthorpe County High School following reports of spilled mercury in the school. EPA assessed the school and provided technical assistance to the school's clean-up contractor. On December 14, EPA screened student personal items and acquired access to the home of the student who brought the mercury to school. Initial measurements at the entrance to the home were in excess of 50,000 ug/m3, well above EPA's Action Levels. EPA OSC Stilman deployed on December 15 to continue assessment of the home where the mercury was brought from. OSC Stilman determined that a response action was necessary at the home and deployed ERRS contractor WRS to the site. EPA with START continue to conduct a room-by-room assessment of the home and release personal items to the family. The family has relocated during the response.

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