Easton Community Oil Field Area C

Site Contact:
Perry Gaughan and Chuck Eger
OSC and Geologist


Site Location:
Easton, Hancock County, KY
Easton, KY 46003

This site consists of 25 wells spread out over Easton, KY. The wells are listed below:

RA Richards W-1
RA Richards 20
Hallie Mason 10
RA Richards 17PJ
RA Richards 19
Lula Quissenberry 3
WF Burke 16-A
WF Burke 13
WF Burke 18
WF Burke 14
Hallie Mason 20
RA Richards 8
RA Richards 1-4
Lincoln Richards 6
Lincoln Richards 13-4
Lincoln Richards 7-7
Lincoln Richards 5
Thelia Richards North 5-7
Thelia Richards North 1
RA Richards 22
RA Richards 2-A
RA Richards 7
Thelia Richards North 2
RA Richards 2-4
Hallie Mason 9-5