Holland Road Dump

Rock Hill, SC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Matthew Huyser
On Scene Coordinator


1286 Holland Road
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Latitude: 34.9337053
Longitude: -81.1237442
NRC#: 941015

On Monday, May 25, SCDHEC requested EPA assistance with the dumping and release of oil at a nonpermitted landfill near Rock Hill, SC behind the Seven Star Construction Company on Holland Road. Several days earlier, local law enforcement received information from a previous employee that blasting caps and dynamite had been buried at the nonpermitted dumpsite. The York County Sherriff’s department excavated several areas based on this information and successfully recovered several blasting caps and sticks of dynamite from the site. Additional information included the claim that several thousand gallons of fuel had been spilled on the site. SCDHEC dug two test trenches in the alleged area but found no observable evidence that fuel had been dumped there; however, SCDHEC found two 20,000-gallon USTs that had been placed on the site and spilled several hundred gallons of either a heavy fuel oil or light tar (employees referred to it as “road tack”). EPA mobilized to the site with START on May 25 and conducted a site walkthrough but found no observable release to surface waters. EPA and START returned with SCDHEC on May 26 to collect soil and waste samples to support SCDHEC’s ongoing investigation regarding the nonpermitted landfill.

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