Puncheon Camp Creek Oil Spill

Allred, TN - Region IV

Site Contact:

Perry Gaughan
On Scene Coordinator


Puncheon Camp Creek Road
Allred, TN 43006

Latitude: 36.3282440
Longitude: -85.1967950
NRC#: 950712

NRC Report No. 950712
Puncheon Camp Creek Road Oil Spill, Allred, Overton County, Tenn

On Wednesday, August 11th, TDEC’s Oil and Gas’ Jeff Patton notified the OSC of a continuous release of crude oil from an abandoned well to Puncheon Camp Creek near Allred, Tennessee. Upon inspection, the OSC noted that over 100 yards of a tributary to Puncheon Camp Creek had been stained by oil and that the abandoned well was located in the flood plain of the creek. The OSC obtained access to the well from the current property owner and is researching previous operators of the well to identify a responsible party. Errs contractors were notified of the spill and are currently mobing to the site.

Site Update: On Wednesday, August 18th, heavy rains in the Overton County area led to flash flooding which washed out absorbent boom placement along the tributary feeding Puncheon Creek. The OSC has tasked ERRs to replace boom as needed once the creek levels receede.

Perry Gaughan, OSC cell 404 909 2930

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