Little Osanippa Creek Mystery Spill

Lanette, AL - Region IV

Site Contact:

Matthew Huyser
On Scene Coordinator

County Road 299
Lanette, AL 36863

Latitude: 32.8165300
Longitude: -85.2382600
NRC#: 952989

At approximately 0700hrs on 9/2/2010 Chambers County EMA discovered a brown sheen on the surface of Fosters Branch and Little Osanippa Creek off County Road 299 in Lanette, AL. The sheen was reported to ADEM who determined that the contaminant may have been used motor oil that was dumped off the roadside. ADEM reported the incident to the NRC at 1124hrs on 9/3/2010 and requested EPA assistance to respond for cleanup. EPA Telephone Duty dispatched R2 OSC Huyser with ERRS contractor, Environmental Restoration. OSC Huyser arrived at 1330hrs and conducted an initial assessment with the Chambers County EMA Director. The surface contaminants appeared to be more consistent with organic/algae material than with oil, but it was determined that the majority of the material had moved downstream and could only be inspected with a small boat. ERRS arrived at approximately 1600hrs and began working to clear an access route downstream through the brush while the small work boats were en-route. At approximately 1800, OSC Huyser discovered a third stream that contained the same surface contaminants in an area that received no inflow and had no outflow, then determined that the material was not oil (more information is available on the Initial/Final POLREP). EPA and ERRS demobilized at approximately 1830hrs.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.



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