Pulaski, VA - Region III


Site Contact:

Michael Towle
On-Scene Coordinator

4 Magnox Drive
Pulaski, VA 24301

Latitude: 37.0479722
Longitude: -80.7873591

This Site is the location of the former NanoChemonics' nanoparticle manufacturing facility. The Company ceased operations in July 2010. The Site contains a variety of potential threats of release of hazardous substances stemming from acid and caustic chemicals remaining within the manufacturing facility along with drums, totes, bags, and other containers of chemical substances; including, several laboratories. The Company worked to address the threats with its limited remaining resources by removing laboratory chemicals and conducting surveillance at the Site. EPA issued an Order to the Company on September 30, 2010, which generally requires NanoChemonics to mitigate the threats at the Site. NanoChemonics notified EPA of its intent to comply with the Order and on January 4, 2011, EPA approved the Response Action Plan under which NanoChemonics intends to mitigate the threats posed at the Site. Subsequently, the property was sold and EPA negotiated a Consent Order with the new owner (STNP, LLC) on April 8, 2011. The response action was initiated during the week including April 8, 2011 and includes removal of residual chemical contamination, treatment and discharge of waters in the lagoon system, and closure of the lagoons on the Site.