McLemore Street Mercury Release

LaFayette, GA - Region IV


Site Contact:

Karen Buerki

909 McLemore Street
LaFayette, GA 30728

Latitude: 34.6984763
Longitude: -85.2965262
NRC#: 959728

A mercury spill occurred at LaFayette High School in Lafayette, Walker County, Georgia around 10/20/2010 when a student removed mercury from the school’s science lab.  The mercury was passed between 3-4 students and was carried between the school and the students’ home(s).  EPA ERRB was notified of the incident on 11/12/2010 and mobilized OSC Matt Huyser to respond.  Upon arrival, OSC Huyser screened 5 residential homes (only one exceeded residential limits).  EPA mobilized ERRS to begin remediation of the single impacted residential home.  ATSDR has been notified and will mobilize a responder to provide consultation, in coordination with Walker County Schools, to concerned parents.

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