East Ellijay Orphaned Drum

East Ellijay, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Matthew Huyser
On Scene Coordinator


701 First Avenue
East Ellijay, GA 30540

Latitude: 34.6757292
Longitude: -84.4744027
NRC#: 960718

On 11/24/2010, GAEPD was notified of 27 orphaned drums at an abandoned construction site in East Ellijay, GA. Ellijay PD believes that the drums were recently dumped at the site illegally and is investigating who accessed the site and when. The drums were reportedly disorganized, in an unstable condition, many were rusted and/or dented, and some were reported leaking. Also, several responders noted a "chemical" odor in the vicinity.

GAEPD requested EPA assistance in responding to the release. EPA Telephone Duty Officer OSC Garrard dispatched R2 OSC Huyser to respond; EPA mobilized START contractor, TTEMI, and ERRS contractor, ER. Initial efforts will consist of assessing the immediate hazard posed by the drums and stabilizing site conditions.

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