DIVEX Corporation Explosives Site

Columbia, SC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Terry Stilman
On-Scene Coordinator


Montgomery and Monticello Rds
Columbia, SC 29203

Latitude: 34.1535980
Longitude: -81.1033090

The Divex Coporation Site was originally referred to EPA in October of 1993 and was the subject of EPA response actions through 1996. The original action involved five properties throughout Richland County, including this property located along Montgomery Road. The Divex Corporation manufactured explosives, including shock sensitives.

The Richland County Fire Department requested EPA assistance after discovery of several cylinders adjacent to Montgomery Road, an abandoned liquid waste disposal area and a waste pile from the former facility.

Based on the request for assistance, EPA has initiated response actions to address the release or threatened release into the environment of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant.

On 5/17/2011, EPA completed activities on the Site.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.