Biotech Industries

Newton, NC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Kenneth Rhame

3561 Plateau Road
Newton, NC 28658

Latitude: 35.6140810
Longitude: -81.3654540

NC DENR requested EPA assistance after performing a routine inspection of Biotech Industries. EPA, DENR and START performed a walkthrough and assessment on 1/24/2011. EPA observed hundreds of drums in the warehouse section of the facility. Many drums were labeled corrosive, flammable, oxidizer, toxic, etc, some drums were unlabeled. A large number of drums were rusted, dented, punctured or otherwise compromised. EPA observed drums with material leaking onto the floor. Drums contained compounds such as sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, acetone and various alcohols. EPA observed a drum containing several buckets which contained mercury switches. Drums containing various chemicals were not segregated by hazard class with flammables being located directly next to oxidizers and corrosives. The property is located within 1000 feet of a middle school and a high school. The property owner maintained that he received the material from various business and was paid for disposal. He claims that he intends to either sell or recycle the majority of the material and consolidate and dispose of the rest. Biotech Industries is the consolidation of S&W Chemicals and Catawba Chemicals, both of which were owned by the owner of Biotech. Due to the instability of the site (leaking drums, incompatible materials) and proximity to school, EPA initiated a Emergency Response Action.

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