Hutchens Lane Oil Spill

Deer Lodge, TN - Region IV

Site Contact:

Perry Gaughan
On Scene Coordinator

198 Hutchens Lane
Deer Lodge, TN 37726

Latitude: 36.2519100
Longitude: -84.8069500
NRC#: 966981

NRC# 966981
On Wednesday, Feb 9, 2011, TDEC Oil and Gas Glenn Burke reported that the responsible party for an oil spill in Deer Lodge, Tenn had recently failed to finish clean up activities of an approx 30 barrel crude oil spill to Husky Lake in Deer Lodge. Husky Lake drains into Clear Fork Creek and the Big South Fork River of middle Tennessee.
The OSC contacted the responsible party, LRS Oil of Indianapolis, Indiana and informed them that a Notice of Federal Interest was being issued and that EPA expected the work to be completed in a timely manner by a reputable clean up contractor.

Perry Gaughan, OSC cell (404) 909 2930

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