Ormewood Avenue Dumpster

Atlanta, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Jose Negron
On Scene Coordinator


1351 Ormewood Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

Latitude: 33.7337730
Longitude: -84.3433960

At approximately 1600hrs on 2/9/2011, the City of Atlanta Fire Department contacted EPA to request assistance with several chemical containers that were discovered in a trash dumpster. Trash collectors noticed that several unknown containers began fuming in a compactor. County hazmat responders overpacked several of the containers and contacted EPA for assistance with disposal. R1 OSC Negron responded with ERRS contractor, Environmental Restoration, who completed packing of the materials and delivered the overpacks to a staging area. OSC Negron met with the property owner who disposed of the items and communicated that the owner would have to hire a contractor to complete disposal.



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