BASF Ammonium NItrate Spill

Ataapulgus, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Chris Russell
On Scene Coordinator

141 Engelhard Road
Ataapulgus, GA 39815

Latitude: 30.7446250
Longitude: -84.4788970
NRC#: 967204

At noon on 2/11/2011, BASF in Ataapulgus, GA experienced a release of Ammonium Nitrate Solution from a 500,000 gallon tank (75% full) at a rate of over 70 gpm.  The spill entered a drainage ditch where it was pumped into a lined holding pond; the drainage ditch led to an on-site treatment system, however, the system would not have been able to handle the full load of the spill.  EPA Telephone Duty discussed the magnitude of the release with BASF and dispatched EPA Florida Outpost OSC Russell to oversee response operations.  The spill proceeded until it reached below the rip in the tank (>100,000 gallons spilled); OSC Russell confirmed that no product was released off-site and directed the RP to cease nearby loading operations of Nitric Acid until the product was recovered.  The product will be sent through a clarifier and reused.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.



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