Bell Brassfield Mercury Spill

Greensboro, NC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Kenneth Rhame

1921 New Garden Rd.
Apt N103
Greensboro, NC 27410

Latitude: 36.1266230
Longitude: -79.8630260
NRC#: 972772

At approximately 1600 hrs on April 12, 2011 the Greensboro Haz Mat Chief contacted OSC Ken Rhame and requested assistance on a mercury spill in the Bell Brassfield Apartment complex. The spill occurred while maintenance was being performed in one of the units. A bathroom sink drain trap was disconnected and emptied into the toilet. At least a pound of mercury came out of the trap and into the toilet. OSC Rhame conducted initial screening of the apartment and determined the issue to be isolated to the bathroom. All adjacent apartment units air concentrations were well below action levels. The apartment complex hired Shamrock Environmental to conduct the clean-up. OSC Rhame will remain on scene to provide Lumex support and conduct final clearance.



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