Tanyard Creek Paint Spill

Atlanta, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Matthew Huyser
On Scene Coordinator


129 26TH NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Latitude: 33.8015278
Longitude: -84.3986142
NRC#: 973464

At 1330hrs on 4/19/2011, Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (ADWM) witnessed a milky white substance release from an outfall into Tanyard creek while monitoring on a CCTV for coliform impact releases. ADWM explored upstream manholes and eventually discovered two apartment contractors where painting contractors were cleaning brushes and emptying the wash water down a storm water drain. ADWM immediately collected information from one contractor that was still present, will attempt to contact the second contractor on 4/20/2011. ADWM also contacted EPA Region 4 and filed a release report with the NRC at 1630hrs. OSC Huyser met with a representative from ADWM at the Tanyard Creek outfall at 1815hrs and found that the white discoloration was still present but had become significantly diluted. The impacted area in the stormwater drain upstream of the outfall was likely impacted for approximately 0.3 miles, but no discoloration was observable after the confluence with Tanyard Creek. ADWM expects rainfall on 4/20/2011 to wash out the impacted drain and the outfall. No assistance was requested from EPA and OSC Huyser demobilized.



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