American Screw and Rivet

Anderson, SC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Jeffery Crowley
On Scene Coordinator

1625 Manse Jolly Road
Anderson, SC 29621

Latitude: 34.5913130
Longitude: -82.6792440

On June 02, 2011, EPA’s removal program received from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control a referral for the assessment of the facility located at 1625 Manse Jolly Road, Anderson, Anderson County, South Carolina. On November 2010 SCDHEC received information that the facility had stopped operations and declared bankruptcy. In May 2011 SCDHEC conducted an inspection of the facility and documented leaking holding tanks and overflowing sumps. SCDHEC also documented the presence of approximately 80 poly totes some of which were labeled hazardous waste, drums, as well as other containers such as pails, small plastic drums and cardboard containers. On June 02, 2011 Telephone Duty received from the removal program DHEC’s referral package and dispatched OSC Negron to conduct an assessment. On June 03, 2011 OSC Negron along with START personnel met with SCDHEC representatives and after obtaining access from the property owners and the bankruptcy trustee proceeded to enter the facility. Initial assessments from the facility revealed 44 poly totes exposed to the elements. Some totes exhibited cage corrosion and an advanced state of degradation. After entering the facility’s building the OSC observed overflowing sludge filled sumps, water ponds in multiple areas, totes labeled with hazardous waste stickers and pH 2 annotations, cardboard containers in advanced state of degradation some of which had spilled their contents, drums and multiple other containers.

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