8th and Plutus Streets Pottery

Chester, WV - Region III

Site Contact:

Dennis Matlock


8th and Hancock Ave
Chester, WV 26034

Latitude: 40.6178000
Longitude: -80.5586000

The 8th and Plutus Streets Pottery Site is a ~ 9 acre site that operated as a pottery manufacturer from 1900-1981. An old facility office within the site boundaries is being used as a residence. There was evidence that children may be living in this onsite residence. The site is also located across the street from a 32-unit apartment complex. On the southwest portion of the site are large piles of pottery shards. Some of the highest levels of lead were discovered in this area. The piles are vegetated and located on the southeast side of the property. Heavy ceramic chunks are located on the piles and the material is not air borne. The piles have not been fully defined as the vegetation was not completely cleared. These piles are located on a steep embankments that trail directly into the Ohio River. All of the runoff from the site eventually reaches the Ohio River. All of the nearby residents are on municipal water, however, the Ohio River is a source for downstream water supplies and is used as a recreation area. On 8/15/03, OSC Easton provided soil, surface water, and sediment sampling results for the 8th and Plutus pottery site in Hancock, WV for ATSDR’s review. EPA found very high levels of lead in surface soils throughout the property and in adjacent areas. There were also a limited number of samples showing detections of 1260 Arochlor PCB, probably from some electrical transformers that were left on the site.

The Site is now under an Enforcement Consent Order. Please contact OSC Dennis Matlock for any information regarding this site.



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