Dickinson Site

Melbourne, FL - Region IV

Site Contact:

Chris Russell


1080 S.John Rodes Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32904

Latitude: 28.0915850
Longitude: -80.7021320
NRC#: 1017421

On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, EPA received a request for assistance from FDEP for a site involving improperly stored, and leaking containers of hazardous substances. OSC Russell responded to the site on July 11 and met with FDEP representatives, the site property owner, and the PRP. The initial inspection revealed 7 covered trailers and 2 box trucks containing hazardous substances. Based on initial inspections, the site contained leaking containers of flammables, acids, and bases. The PRP stated he would contract with a cleanup contractor, and scheduled a meeting for the morning of July 12.

On July 12, the PRP received a quote from SWS to complete removal activities at the site, and stated he was unable to pay for the removal activities and advised EPA that he could not perform the actions necessary. EPA issued a Notice of Federal Assumption to both the PRP and the property owner.

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