Summerville Mill Fire

Summerville, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Leo Francendese

850 Raccoon Creek Road
Summerville, GA 30747

Latitude: 34.4507850
Longitude: -85.3864290
NRC#: 1019202

A plastic recycling facilty caught fire the evening of July 27, 2012. The 10 acre facility is housed in an old mill and is fully engulfed in the fire. The County EMA and local officials ordered an evacuation within 1/4 mile circumference of the facility and 1/2 mile downwind (currently east) of the facility. Residents within 5 miles were informed to shelter in place.

The fire was extinguished and all public health advisories were lifted on the morning of July 31st. Over 400 firefighters and 50 agencies participated in this response.

The EPA OSC participated as an IC in the IMT of the Unified Command with the Fire Chief retaining decision making authority. See POLREPS and Documents for details concerning EPA participation (i.e. providing heavy equipment and operators to fight the fire, air monitoring/plume modeling and advisory recommendations, multimedia sampling, identification of additional chemical threats and equipment and operators in management of firefighting floodwaters).

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.