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R4 Hurricane Isaac

Site Contact:
Matthew Huyser
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Bay St. Louis, MS 39520

Hurricane Isaac made its first U.S. landfall along the extreme southeastern Louisiana coast at 6:45 p.m. 8/28/2012, then continued along the immediate coast. Isaac continued to move slowly near the Louisiana coast on 8/29/2012. Since Isaac is moving at a slow pace, the hurricane will affect the northern Gulf Coast with storm surge flooding, heavy rainfall, strong winds and possible isolated tornadoes through 8/29/2012.

R4 REOC has been activated at Level 3, with Regional GIS working from their duty stations to prepare virtual mapping products of coastal Mississippi facilities (e.g. FRP, RMP, NPL, etc). EPA maps can be found in the documents section. The internal EPA Flex viewer is available at:


OSC Gary Andrew and EPA Liaison Amber Davis have been representing EPA R4 at the FEMA RRCC. OSC Stilman has been deployed to the FLEOC and is coordinating activities and requests with FLDEP counterparts.

WPD water team ready to provide assistance if needed and has distributed a guide on EPA Water Sector Support for R4 States and Tribes to our State drinking water and wastewater primacy agencies and USACE partners.