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Kaercher Creek Park - Lake Site

Site Contact:
Todd Richardson
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
100 Kaercher Creek Road
Hamburg, PA 19526

In early November, 2012 the PA Department of Health indicated to EPA that members of the Hamburg Historical Society had reported that there were visibal battery fragment in the surface soil at the Kaercher Creek Park. In Mid November OSC Ricahrdson conducted a cursory assessment of the area of the Park where the battery casings were reported to have been located. Upon visual inspection, in several locations, battery casings were observed in surface soils. XRF readings were taken which revealed concentrations as high as 3,500 ppm. Since the presence of battery casings were verified, along with elevated lead concentrations, as per EPA/PADEP agreement, the findings of the initial assessment were reported by EPA to Dave Hrobuchak (PADEP). In late November, PADEP and EPA returned to the Park, verifing the presence of battery casings and elevated lead concentrations.