Level A Field Exercise at Ft. Meade, Md

Ft. Meade, MD - Region III

Site Contact:

Charlie Fitzsimmons


701 Mapes Rd.
Ft. Meade, MD 21037

Level A Field Exercise
Thursday, June 10, 2004
Ft. Meade, Md.

Purpose: Exercise is intended to simulate the following - outdoor simulation, indoor simulation, work/rest regime and appropriate health monitoring. Exercise is also intended to familiarize the OSC with suit and boot sizes.

1. 0800-0830 - Main Conference Room
- Discuss field exercise
- Break OSCs into (5) four person teams (assume 22 OSCs to participate)
Teams A thru E

2. 0830 - 0900 - Room J109 Field Staging
- SCBA checkout - Each OSC required to checkout their own SCBA
- Individual vitals screen pre exercise

3. 0900 - 1100 - Field Courtyard and Room J110
- Each Team participates in exercise (see below). Two man entries with two/three support persons, than switch. (Two support OSCs become the entry team and perform the same activity.)
- Individual vitals screen post exercise
- liquids

4. 1100 - 1200
Bottle jamming (vendor supplied)

Team A - Drum sample of liquid from drum, proceed to wipe sample station

Team B - Same as Team A

Team C - Wipe samples -floor and wall proceed to drum sampling

Team D - Same as Team C

Team E - Same as Team A

Roles and Responsibilities:
Fitzsimmons - Exercise coordinator
Ice, Liquids, chairs, bottled air vendor
Weisburg - Health and Safety Coordinator
Pre and Post vitals screening
Wagner/Lapsley - Boots and Level A training suits



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