Phillips Road Residential Oil Spill Site

Site Contact:
Ruth Scharr

Site Location:
Phillips Road
Montrose, PA 19023

The site is the location of a minor discharge from an above-ground storage tank for home heating oil. It is estimated that approximately 200 gallons discharged from the tank. The oil seeped into a drainage system on the property which discharges into a swale on Phillips Road. The oil ran down the swale and ran overland into the flowing waters of an unnamed tributary to Beebe Creek. PADEP responded to the incident and applied aborbent pad along the drainage system on the property, in the swale along Phillips Road, and on land prior to the bank of the tributary. Absorbent boom was placed at various points in the creek to control the migration of the oil. After the property owner informed PADEP of his inability to do the cleanup, PADEP requested EPA assistance.

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