Pineville Textile Mill

Pineville, NC - Region IV


Site Contact:

Brian Englert

436 Cone Avenue
Pineville, NC 28134

Latitude: 35.0837829
Longitude: -80.8949510

NC DENER contacted EPA regarding a former textile mill in Pineville, NC. The mill is no longer operating. NC DENR requested support responding to the mill property based on approximately 41 abandoned drums with pcb oil and corrosive labels. Some of the drums have been observed leaking. There is also suspected uncontrolled release of asbestos into the environment as a result of a partial demolition of the building. Residential properties are located in close proximity to the site. In addition there is an underground sump of unknown volume that contains unknown liquids exposed to the environment as well as two 25,000 gallon heating oil tanks on site. It is unknown if they contain any product. Sugar Creek is located 0.25 miles from the site. There is potential for these releases and threats of release to migrate through a ditch system and reach this creek. EPA has been dispatched to the scene to assess the situation, provide the necessary response and support the State and at present is conducting an assessment.

In September of 2014, EPA conducted a Site assessment. The EPA OSC observed between 40 to 50 drums and containers being staged at the facility. Several of the drums were leaking and were over packed during the RSE. Approximately 20 of the drums contained transformer oil containing PCBs. Samples were collected for HazCat characterization and laboratory analysis. Sample results have confirmed the presence of PCBs in additional drums at the Site. HazCat results confirm the presence of oxidizers and flammable materials in various containers at the Site. Several areas of the facility were undergoing asbestos abatement activity. Numerous stockpiles of improperly stored abatement wastes were observed and photographed.

In December of 2014, the Site owner refused to sign an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC). Prior to the issuance of UAO, the owner began removal activities without EPA oversight. EPA has recently learned that PCB containing material has been released from at least one of the drums being stored on the property and has not been cleaned up. The extent of soil contamination is unknown.

EPA attempted to gain access to the property to perform an assessment or conduct a removal action and was denied access on multiple occasions. EPA has since been granted access to perform a removal action. In August of 2015 EPA learned the property may be acquired by the town of Pineville NC.