Joseph Street Asbestos

Marion, OH - Region V


Site Contact:

Stephen Wolfe
On-Scene Coordinator

333 Joseph Street
Marion, OH 43301

Latitude: 40.5955270
Longitude: -83.1347500

The Joseph Street Asbestos Site is an abandoned warehouse property located at 333 Joseph Street, Marion, Marion County, Ohio. The Site was mot recently used as a warehouse and office building, historical activities included different manufacturing facilities. The building was completely demolished between 2010 and 2012. All of the building demolition debris (an estimated 20,000 cubic yards), excluding scrap steel (which was removed by the demolition contractor), remains on the property. Asbestos was not abated from the building prior to any demolition and asbestos is present in the remaining demolition debris. The Ohio EPA referred the Site to EPA to conduct a removal assessment and abate environmental and human health threats resulting from abandoned hazardous substances on the property.

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