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Beaver Creek Bridge Crude Oil Spill

Site Contact:
Perry Gaughan


Site Location:
Rte 1297
Glasgow, KY 42142
NRC#: 1095757

NRC# 1095757 Friday, September 19th, 2014 KYDEP requested assistance in assessing the source of crude oil observed in Beaver Creek, Glasgow, KY, The oil in the creek is within 900 feet of known abandoned oil wells. OSC Gaughan mobilized to the scene with KYDEP to assess the creek and nearby wells.

Sunday, Sept 21st - The crude oil spill is emanating from a 100 yard section of the left descending bank of Beaver Creek three miles west of Glasgow, Kentucky. The oil saturated section of creek is located on a 50 acre farm owned by a resident of Glasgow.

Friday, October 3rd - One unmarked abandoned oil well was uncovered 80 feet from the impacted creek bank and ERRs proceeded to subcontract a well service company to plug the well. After three days of drilling through an initial wood plug and cement plugs, a cast iron bridge plug was set at 140 feet in the well casing and the well was grouted with 200 sacks of cement.

Tuesday, Jan 20th, 2015 - crude oil continued to impact Beaver Creek and test trenching operations indicated the source was still the abandoned well 80 feet from the creek. The OSC obtained additional funds from USCG NPFC in late December and began drilling out the previous cement plug. Operations are centered around removing what appears to be 2" production tubing from 200-600 feet and placing a new bridge plug at 600 feet and grouting the well to land surface.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.