CSX Derailment Sherwood

Sherwood, TN - Region IV


Site Contact:

Jordan Garrard
On-Scene Coordinator


Milepost: 00J94.3 (Franklin County)
Sherwood, TN 37376

Latitude: 35.0375311
Longitude: -85.9508923
NRC#: 1097697

The caller for the RP advised the NRC of a freight train derailment (14 rail cars). The cause of the derailment is unknown. There is a release/spill of diesel fuel and quantity unknown. The derailed cars cargo was various products and one with hazmat (ethanol) and unknown if the EtOH tanker was breached or leaking. (See Documents for NRC report for derailed cars inventory). No injuries or evacuations reported at time of NRC notification.

R4 Phone Duty discussed situation with CSX to gather additional details. 14-15 rail cars off tracks with one ethanol tanker.. Incident location is difficult to access and involve and embankment to a surface water intermittent stream bed. Cell phone coverage is minimal. Surface water (unnamed creek/river) runs parallel to the rail line and is a tributary that runs south into Alabama and feeds the Tennessee River. HEPACO is enroute to mittigate the spill.

Phone Duty deployed one OSC and two START contractor support for air and water quality monitoring. Tennessee out-posted OSC (Jackson, TN) notified of deployment.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.



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