Tuscarora Oil

Site Contact:
Michael Towle
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
int of Ely Road and River Road
Solebury Township, PA 18938

This Site is the location of a pump station and tank farm operating from the early 1900s to sometime in the 1950s. Numerous discharges of oil (crude oil as well as gasoline) have been documented. Contamination of ground water has been documented since the 1940s. The Site is now largely dismantled and is now mostly residential property. EPA began involvement in 1993 in response to reports of sheen and odor from the public. In the Summer and the Fall of 2014, a sheen event occurred into a footer drain of a canal coursing through the area of the Site. After confirming the sheen to consist of oil and after considering all available information, the OSC initiated an assessment.

Phase II Oil Removal Activity (Preliminary Assessment) under FPN E15308 is concluded 2/15/18 without need for further oil removal activity.