Bellaire Wellfield Site

Bellaire, OH - Region V

Site Contact:

Jason Sewell and Kristina Behnke
On Scene Coordinator

217 37th Street
Bellaire, OH 43906

Latitude: 40.0194350
Longitude: -80.7394880

U.S.EPA is conducting a vapor intrusion study in the downtown area of the Village of Bellaire. The study will determine whether vapors from volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the groundwater, including tetrachloroethylene (PCE), is entering homes and other buildings at levels that may cause health concerns.

For a limited time, U.S. EPA will offer sampling of buildings in the study area as a part of the vapor intrusion investigation. Participation in the study is voluntary, and property owners and tenants (if applicable) must agree to allow sampling before sampling can begin. Once we receive your signed form, U.S. EPA representatives will contact you to schedule sampling.

Site Background

The Bellaire Wellfield Site is located in the Village of Bellaire, Ohio. The site consists of a mix of commercial, single-family, multi-family residences, churches as well as two schools and local government offices. The village is located on a section of the Ohio River Valley that has seen much industrial and commercial activity over the past two centuries.

Groundwater investigations undertaken by Ohio EPA as far back as the 1990s documented the groundwater aquifer used by Bellaire was contaminated with PCE, a VOC solvent used in garment dry cleaning. Ohio EPA conducted historical research to identify former and current dry cleaners in the Village of Bellaire. In 2015, U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA began a groundwater assessment to determine the scope and extent of contamination and to identify probable dry cleaners that may have contributed PCE to groundwater. U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA jointly completed a pre-remedial Site Investigation (SI) and an Expanded Site Investigation (ESI). U.S. EPA is currently reviewing the final ESI document.

Due to the potential for vapor intrusion at the Bellaire Wellfield site, U.S. EPA began an assessment for vapor intrusion from the contaminated aquifer in 2015. The assessment includes the collection of environmental samples, lab analysis and evaluation of the results. Results are compared to screening levels established by EPA, ATSDR, and the Ohio Department of Health. U.S. EPA also installed a number of soil gas wells, collected and analyzed soil gas samples, and collected and analyzed air samples from below buildings and from the breathing air from within the same buildings. To date, sub-slab and indoor air samples were collected at several buildings in Bellaire, however more are needed for the investigation.

Vapor intrusion is affected by a number of factors, including seasonal climate and groundwater, therefore more samples are being taken at the properties already sampled. U.S. EPA is coordinating with ATSDR, ODH, Ohio EPA and Belmont County Health Department to ensure that data is compared to health-based screening levels.

Additional Site Contacts

For press inquiries, please contact Rachel Bassler, Region 5 EPA Public Information Officer, at 312-886-7159 or

For general questions, please contact Ruth Muhtsun, Community Involvement Coordinator, at 312-886-6595 or

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