Hamburg Port Clinton Avenue

Hamburg, PA - Region III

Site Contact:

Robert Kelly

203 W. State Street
Hamburg, PA 19526

In November 2001 and January 2002, EPA OSC Fetzer tasked START to conduct surface soil sampling for lead contamination due to the improper disposal of lead acid battery casings at the Hamburg - Port Clinton Avenue Site. Lead concentrations were detected in surface soils at the site up to 118,000 parts per million. Due to elevated lead levels, EPA requested health consultation from ATSDR for the site. EPA has received the AROA from the ATSDR toxicologist recommending that EPA take immediate action restricting access and controlling lead exposure and migration.
During the winter of 2001-2002, a private property owner (owner) at the site installed monitoring wells and excavated test pits as part of a PADEP closure for a gas station previously located onsite and containing underground storage tanks. During these closure activities, the owner exposed lead contaminated battery casing waste at the surface. Sample results provided by the owner showed lead concentrations of up to 55 parts per million (ppm). EPA's analysis of this area showed lead concentrations as high as 12,000 ppm.
During the spring of 2002, EPA initiated a removal action at the Port Clinton Avenue site due to elevated lead concentrations in surface soil and the threat posed to human health.
Dust monitoring of the site indicates low levels of dust being produced during removal activities, however with dust control actions implemented, no visible dust is exiting the site. Air sampling of site personnel continues to measure the concentration of lead in dust generated in the hot zone.