Spectra Designs Inc

Farmville, NC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Charlie Fitzsimmons


1908 West Marlboro Rd.
Farmville, NC

The facility is a small single story metal frame complex. The facility business involved commercial dye and refinishing operations and apparently filed for bankruptcy over two years ago, according to the operator of Spectra Designs. The physical address is 1908 West Marlboro Road, (Hwy bypass 264) Farmville, Pitt County, NC. The site is located on a busy commercial street on the outskirts of Farmville, a small rural community of pop. 25,000, located just west of Greenville, NC. Directly adjacent to the site is a small auto repair shop. Numerous other commercial facilities and residential homes surround the site.

The EPA OSC accompanied by DWM representatives performed a site visit on July 10, 2003. Located outside the facility on the paved parking lot were thirteen, 55 gallon poly drums. A distinguishable chlorine odor was evident within 20 feet of these staged drums. The drums had very obvious corrosive labels adhered to them. All thirteen drums had bungs which had holes in them causing this airborne release. The actual identity of the drums was not indicated on them but it was surmised that most of them contained hydrochloric acid a CERCLA listed hazardous substance.

EPA OSC mobilized to the Site on July 10, 2003. The response actions initiated by the Federal Government include: 1. Securing of all containers on the outside of the site. This included the replacement of the original bungs with new secure ones and staging of them inside the facility. 2. Securing of the site itself. This included placement of a lock and hasp assembly to the facility garage door. 3. Proper staging of incompatibles away from each other to prevent the commingling of chemicals that could initate an exothermic reaction and subsequent fire. 4. Development of a site sampling plan for return to the site.

EPA will remobe to the site with its cleanup contractor pending approval of Eastern Environmental Management’s (EEM) Sampling Plan and Health and Safety Plan. EEM will than proceed with haz catting sampling and analytical. A complete inventory of the site lab will be conducted. Material will than be packaged after complete identification of all containers is completed. Some containers may need to be overpacked or repackaged for off site transport.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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