B&B Enterprises

Century, FL - Region IV

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Dean Ullock
On-Scene Cooridnator


Hwy 4
Century, FL

On August 11, 2003 at the request of the FLDEP-District 5, an emergency action removal commenced at the former B&B enterprises location in Century, Florida. The two 20K gallon leaking steel AST's purportedly contained chromium contaminated wastewater and drilling muds. The action was being conducted by the USEPA and it’s ERRS contractor, Ferguson Harbor Inc. USCG-GST personnel, USEPA and the FLDEP-District 5 were on-scene overseeing the removal action.

As of August 18, 2003 a total of 18,694 gallons of chromium laden wastewater and approximately 225 tons of sludge had been removed from two above ground storage tanks (AST). One of the AST’s was emptied, demolished, cleaned and removed due to it’s poor structural condition. The second AST was decommissioned once it was completely emptied and cleaned. Wastewater test results from the two tanks indicated the wastewater to be characteristic hazardous waste based on TCLP failure with chromium levels at approximately 31,000 ug/l.

Approximately 225 ton of sludge from the two AST’s was transferred into 10 ea. 25yard roll-off boxes. All sludge was sampled and is considered non-hazardous.

In addition, two nearby small ponds and soils adjacent to the tanks have been sampled for presence of contamination. All pond and soil analytical results have returned non-hazardous.



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