Mobile Tank Wash Site

Mobile, AL - Region IV

Site Contact:

Chris Russell
On-Scene Coordinator

1051 Ledyard St.
Mobile, AL 36602

Latitude: 30.6670600
Longitude: -88.0491500

The Mobile Tank Wash (MTW) site is located at 1051 Ledyard Street, Mobile, AL, 36602. The property is a 5.5 acre wedge-shaped property lying between Ledyard Street and I-10. There are a few structures on site, mainly the production building and five semi-trailers filled with drums of unknown contents. Access to the property is not restricted and evidence of vagrants living within the building exists.

There are approximately 700 drums, 8 above ground storage tanks, 41 totes @ 250 gallons ea., 2 rolloff boxes, and hundreds of small, unmarked containers. A recently conducted removal site assessment (January 12-15, 2004) revealed the presence of chlorinated solvents, chlorinated pesticides and herbicides, 0 pH acids and other characteristic hazardous waste with underlying hazardous constituents.

Waste codes include but are not limited to:
D001, D002, D004, D005, D007, D008, D009, D018, D028, D031, D037, D039, and U134.

Due to limited information concerning the property, the entire area is being considered a source area. MTW cleaned tanker trucks. The contents of the tanks cleaned is unknown. MTW procesed waste water in an on-site handling unit, but the current state of disrepair suggests treatment stopped somtime before production shut down. Given the current number of drums on the site, it is probable that MTW simply began storing wastewater until repairs to the treatment system could be made.

A Time-Critical, Fund Lead Removal Action is anticipated to commence during April 2004.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.