Shelby Die Casting Co.

Shelby, MS - Region IV

Site Contact:

Amy Feingold

Hwy 61 South
Shelby, MS

Latitude: 33.9397000
Longitude: -90.7692000

The Shelby Die Casting Co. (SDCC), established in 1957, performed aluminum die casting operations which included cleaning, quenching, mold casting and die casting. The raw material used on-site was aluminum ingots and the process of manufacturing finished aluminum die cast parts involved the use of various lubricants and solvents. The Site consists of two buildings; the die casting operation was first conducted in the building now designated as the equipment repair building (north building) and moved in 1987 to the current production building (south building). In 1998, the SDCC abandoned the facility. The City of Shelby owns a parcel of land, occupied by the City’s water storage tanks and water wells, in the middle of the property which is approximately 200 square feet.

Approximately 100 drums and 4 above ground storage tanks are located on-site. These containers are of varying type and condition which continue to degrade. Sampling results show the presence of strong acids and bases, oxidizers and flammable liquids on-site.

EPA removal actions will be completed in 2 phases.
Phase 1 will include:
-Staging of drums
-Sampling of drums
-Hazard categorization of samples for bulk analysis
-Securing Site

Phase 2 will include:
-Bulkling of like materials
-Transportation and disposal of hazardous materials at an EPA approved facility
-Recylcling/Disposal of empty drums and containers

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.