BioLab Fire

Conyers, GA - Region IV


Site Contact:

Benjamin Franco

1700 Old Covington Hwy
Conyers, GA 30012

Latitude: 33.6575000
Longitude: -84.0092000

On May 25, 2004, a warehouse containing pool chemiclas at BioLab, Inc. facility had a fire. This caused the evacuation of an area close to 1 mile down wind and the shutdown of I-20 for several hours. The effect of the plume was felt more than 50 miles away. EPA responded an performed air monitoring on the ground as well as on the air (ASPECT). The information was supplied to the Rockdale County EMA director in order to increase or decrease the evacuation area. The fire was put out by the morning of May 26, 2004. GAEPD monitored the water runoff from the fire fighting operation and found it impacted a nearby lake (VFW Lake). GAEPD will work closely with BioLabs with the restoration effort.



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