BS Xpress Diazinon Spill

Louisville, KY - Region IV

Site Contact:

Art Smith

Exit 9A, Interstate I-71
Louisville, KY

The BS Xpress Diazinon Spill site consists of those areas within the State DOT right-of-way and off-site surface water affected by the release of up to 1,000 gallons of diazinon product from a motor carrier accident occurring on May 20, 2003 at exit 9A of I-71 in Louisville, KY. It is estimated that up to several hundred gallons of product escaped containment at the wreck scene and an unknown quantity migrated to several ponds located on private property north of I-265. Diazinon is known to be highly toxic to aquatic species following acute exposure, as evidenced by the findings of dead fish and crawfish in surface water areas downgradient of the accident site.



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