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Orofino Asbestos Site

Name Site Role Organization Email Phone
Macintyre, Mark Public Information Officer EPA Region 10 (POLREP List) macintyre.mark@epa.gov
Werntz, James Idaho Office Director EPA Region 10 (POLREP List) werntz.james@epa.gov
Terada, Calvin Emergency Response Team Leader EPA Region 10 (POLREP List) terada.calvin@epa.gov
Moon, Wally Prevention and Preparedness Unit Manager EPA Region 10 (POLREP List) moon.wally@epa.gov
Lindeman, Eric START Ecology and Environment elindeman@ene.com
Fulton, Maren START ene MFulton@ene.com
Sibley, Mike On-Scene Coordinator EPA R10 sibley.mike@epa.gov
Haskett, Tabby Photographer Clearwater Tribune onlineads@clearwatertribune.com
Albright, Rick EPA ECL Director EPA Region 10 (POLREP List) albright.rick@epa.gov
Rand, Amber Oversight IDEQ amber.rand@deq.idaho.gov
Cardwell, John Regional Administrator IDEQ John.cardwell@deq.idaho.gov (208) 799-4370