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Landfill Construction & Operations Workshop


All Documents [14]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Instructor Biographies.pdf Instructor Biographies Report 2/9/2021 192 KB Download
1 Introduction.pdf Module 1. Introduction - Importance of Proper Solid Waste Management Presentation 2/9/2021 5435 KB Download
2 Construction Part 1.pdf Module 2. Landfill Construction (Part 1) Presentation 2/9/2021 4565 KB Download
3 Construction Part 2.pdf Module 3. Landfill Construction (Part 2) Presentation 2/9/2021 2973 KB Download
4 Operations Part 1.pdf Module 4. Landfill Operations (Part 1) Presentation 2/9/2021 2866 KB Download
5 Operations Part 2.pdf Module 5. Landfill Operations (Part 2) Presentation 2/9/2021 2897 KB Download
6 LFG Basics.pdf Module 6. Landfill Gas Basics Presentation 2/9/2021 1129 KB Download
7 LFG Utilization Technologies.pdf Module 7. Landfill Gas Utilization Technologies Presentation 2/9/2021 1199 KB Download
8 Open Dump Closure.pdf Module 8. Open Dump Closure Presentation 2/9/2021 2663 KB Download
9 Solid Waste Management Guide.pdf Module 9. International Solid Waste Management Guide Presentation 2/9/2021 2433 KB Download
LF Construction Manual English .pdf Solid Waste Landfill Construction Manual Guidebook 2/9/2021 5291 KB Download
LF Inspection Operations Protocol Manual English.pdf Solid Waste Inspection & Operations Manual Guidebook 2/9/2021 4194 KB Download
Best Practices for SWM_Guide for Decision Makers in Developing Countries_Oct 20.pdf Best Practices Guide for Solid Waste Management Guide for Decision Makers in Developing Countries Guidebook 2/9/2021 21295 KB Download
ppg_english_full-2.pdf Public Participation Guide Guidebook 2/11/2021 3954 KB Download