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Montrose/Del Amo Superfund Sites


All Documents [11]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
03-2021-OU6.CD.Info.Mtg508C-ENG.pdf Information Meeting March 2021 General 3/14/2022 2424 KB Download
03-2021-OU6 CD Info. Mtg. 508C-SPA.pdf Information Meeting March 2021 in Spanish General 3/14/2022 2231 KB Download
HSP-Brochure_3-4-2022_Updated-508WEB-Span.pdf Brochure in Spanish General 3/9/2022 1774 KB Download
HSP-Brochure_3-4-2022_Updated-508WEB-Eng.pdf Brochure in English General 3/9/2022 5402 KB Download
HSP-03.03.2022LetterSPA_508Web.pdf March 3, 2021 SPA Letter General 3/8/2022 221 KB Download
HSP-03.03.2022Letter_508Web.pdf March 3, 2021 Letter General 3/8/2022 237 KB Download
Final_34 Home Letters_JudgeYES_ENGSPA 508C_11.2021.pdf November 2021 Letter General 2/15/2022 190 KB Download
HSP-Brochure_11-9-2021_Final-Span_508Web.pdf Brochure in Spanish General 2/14/2022 1746 KB Download
HSP-Brochure_11-9-2021_Final-Eng_508Web.pdf Brochure in English General 2/14/2022 5753 KB Download
Final_34 Home Letters_wSig 508.pdf June 2021 Letter General 2/14/2022 185 KB Download
Montrose PostCard-508c-2021-05-07.pdf March 2021 HSP Post Card General 6/4/2021 511 KB Download