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Planning Section Tool Box

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File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Action Tracker_Enbridge_example.xlsx An example of an action tracker (ICS 233) used at the Enbridge Oil Spill Presentation 5/11/2011 15 KB Download
2011 Operations Briefing Agenda Example.ppt 2011 Ops Briefing Agenda Example power point 4/16/2011 99 KB Download
2011 Planning Meeting Example.ppt 2011 Planning Meeting Agenda power point 4/16/2011 1151 KB Download
Initial Unified CommandMtgAgenda.docx Initial Unified Command Meeting Agenda sample document 8/20/2019 176 KB Download
Developing QR CODE for Incident Action Plans.pdf Developing QR codes for IAP SOP document 8/15/2019 77 KB Download
Planning Meeting 31Dec2018.pptx Planning Meeting Dec 31, 2018 Justin power point 8/13/2019 3786 KB Download
IAP Components Op Period 18.docx IAP Checklist Components by Luke Chavez document 8/13/2019 17 KB Download
IAP Components Op Period 17.docx IAP Checklist by Luke Chavez document 8/12/2019 17 KB Download
Action Item List 12Dec2018.xlsx 2018 California Wildfires Action Tracker document 8/12/2019 15 KB Download
SITL JOB AID Dec 2013.pdf U.S. EPA Situation Unit Leader Job Aid - 2017 Job Aid 3/22/2017 630 KB Download
RESL JOB AID March 2017.pdf U.S. EPA Resource Unit Leader Job Aid - 2017 Job Aid 3/22/2017 471 KB Download
ENVL JOB AID March 2017.pdf U.S. EPA Environmental Unit Leader Job Aid - 2017 Job Aid 3/22/2017 686 KB Download
ICS Forms Workbook ver. 3.2.5X.xlsm 2010 ICS Forms and Resource Tracking Workbook ver. 3.2.5x Contributed by John Martin, R6 ICS form 3/22/2017 729 KB Download
RSP-ICS215-CG IKE Sep20 2320.xls Unofficial Excel Spreadsheet version of an ICS form 215. Form used by Nicolas Brescia in Region 6 for Hurricane Ike. Knowledgeable PSC contact: Eric Nold in Region 7 ICS form 3/22/2017 1849 KB Download
USCGFloatPlan.pdf pdf fillable boating float plan plan 3/22/2017 439 KB Download