IPC Wilmington Oil Spill

Wilmington, DE - Region III


Site Contact:

Michael Towle/Ann Breslin
On-Scene Coordinator


505 S. Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Latitude: 39.7319000
Longitude: -75.5581000
NRC#: DE 060066

This Site is the location of a discharge of oil (reported as recycled oil) into the Christiana River in Wilmington, Delaware. The discharge occurred sometime prior to 2000 hrs. July 15, 2006, during a tank transfer and was exacerbated by heavy rains which overwhelmed facility containment systems causing some of the oil to enter the River. The discharge occurred during night time hours and the tide cycle contributed to the spread of the oil over the Christiana River and the nearby Brandywine Creek. An unknown amount, potentially 2100 gallons, entered the waterway. Several birds were oiled and Tri-State Bird Rescue is on scene. The USCG first responded to the scene and established an incident command system along with the State of Delaware and the Responsible Party. Cleanup operations are underway and include the removal of collected oil and oily debris from the Christiana and Brandywine.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) and the Notices sections.