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Carter Color Coat Site

Site Contact:
Jeffrey Kimble


Site Location:
6051 Hastings Street
Detroit, MI

The Carter Color Coat site is located at 6051 Hastings Street in Detroit, Michigan. A large six-storey concrete and steel frame building covers approximately one-half of the property. The other half of the property was primarily used for parking. The site is located in a mixed residential and industrial neighborhood with residential properties located approximately one-half mile to the southwest of the site. The site is bordered by Hastings Street to the northeast, Harper Street to the southeast, St. Antoine Street to the southwest, and Piquette Street to the northwest. Other industrial properties surround the site on all 4 sides.

The building was originally constructed and operated by General Motors Corporation (GMC), Fisher Body Division between 1919 and 1984. Facility operations involved automotive stamping of special discs and tools, dye sets, jigs and fixtures. GMC generated halogenated and non-halogenated spent solvents, spent plating wastes, ignitable and corrosive wastes from its operations at this location.

Between 1985 and 1990, the facility was owned and operated by Cameo Color Coat, Inc., after which time the property ownership was transferred to Carter Color Coat. Carter Color Coat operated as a conditionally exempt small quantity generator of hazardous wastes at this facility.

Carter Color Coat declared bankruptcy and abandoned the facility in 1993. GMC conducted a removal action at the property in the early 1990s, removing paints and other hazardous materials from the building.

U.S. EPA conducted a site assessment on December 11, 2008. Since PCBs were detected during the U.S. EPA site assessment, and other hazardous materials were reported to be present from a MDEQ site assessment, a removal action was warranted at this site.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.