Welch Group Environmental (WGE) Palmetto Hwy

Belton, SC - Region IV

Site Contact:

Leo Francendese


110 Palmetto Hwy
Belton, SC 29627

Latitude: 34.5228881
Longitude: -82.4942948

This site is part of the Welch Group Environmental (WGE) CERCLA response. SCDHEC referred WGE operations to ERRB in late December aftering informing the operator to cease operations.

WGE is a metals recovery company that recovers lead slugs and shell casings from gun ranges. The WGE Palmetto Hwy site was part of WGE's operations and served as storage. This is a mutli-use warehouse that serves other clients.

As part of a continuing removal site evaluation (RSE), the OSC was notified by SCDHEC on February 4th that additional operations had occurred at Palmetto Hwy. After securing access from the warehouse owner and WGE's operator, the OSC conducted a walkthru on the 7th.

WGE no longer stores property at this location. XRF readings for lead ranged from the low hundreds to 35000 ppm on the floors and walls of the area where WGE stored property.

The OSC had determined that a release or substantial threat of release of a hazardous substance has occurred and presents an imminent and substantial danger to public health.

The OSC has directed the operator to remediate the contaminated section of the warehouse. Workplans will be submitted and become part of the Fairplay and Belton responses. The OSC will continue to consult and coordinate with SCDHEC and EPA R4 RCRA.

The RSE for the WGE properties was completed in early March 2011. Recommendations were made to continue the decontamination of the affected interior of the warehouse as part of a time critical removal action.

The PRP was conducting OSC approved and verified for effectiveness decontamination procedures while simultaneously negotiating an AOC with the Agency. The AOC was finalized on May 12, 2011.

The final report was completed and approved by the OSC on June 29, 2012.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) and the Notices sections.