I-10 Mobile Bay Causeway Oil Spill

Mobile, AL - Region IV


Site Contact:

Leo Francendese
On Scene Coordinator


Mobile, AL 36603

Latitude: 30.6783140
Longitude: 87.9894110
NRC#: 1090762

At approximately 04:00 on July 31st, the NRC was notified of a tanker rollover and fire on the I-10 entrance ramp along the Causeway in Mobile, Al. The tanker was carrying 2,000 gallons of diesel and 5,700 gallons of gasoline. The majority of the fuel was consumed during the fire, but runoff from the accident did enter Mobile Bay through a storm drain. Mobile FD conducted fire fighting response. Consequence management is being conducted under Unified Command consisting of EPA, RP (responsible party) ADEM, USCG, ALDOT, and support Agencies NOAA and USFWS. The RP has hired a response contractor. Residual fuels are being contained, remedied and monitored within the immediate area of the spill.

UPDATE: Active remediation (flushing, vacuuming, roadbase scouring, and recovery) were mostly completed by the evening of July 31st.  Passive remediation is expected to continue under the operation and maintenance phase using hard and soft boom recovery near the source area under federal and state oversight.  Road closure, inspection, and repair will continue under ALDOT supervision.

Please see document section for additional details.

Response actions are complete under OPA. ALDOT continues to manage the ramp/road restoration and recovery.

For additional information, visit the Pollution/Situation Report (Pol/Sitreps) section.