Buckeye Pipeline Emergency Response - Nestle Purina Alpo Plant

Allentown, PA - Region III

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Richard Fetzer


2050 Pope Road
S. Whitehall Township
Allentown, PA

Buckeye Pipleline contractor struck a gasoline pipeline on August 2, 2004 on the Nestle Purina Alpo plant located north of Allentown on Route 309 in South Whitehall Township. The 16 in. line was not operable but was pressurized. A 3/4 in. hole was made by a jack hammer bit operated by Buckeye's repair contractor, attempting to repair another line closer to the surface and parallel with the damaged line. Buckeye's emergency response personnel on are scene and have the leak under control. They are making repairs to the line. PADEP has responded to the incident with the Emergency Response team, Tanks Program and Water Supply Program representatives. A report has been made to the NRC.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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