Norfolk Southern Graniteville Derailment

Graniteville, SC - Region IV

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Kevin Misenheimer

Marshal Street
Graniteville, SC

Latitude: 33.5661000
Longitude: -81.8078000

At approximately 0400 hours this morning, EPA received notification via NRC report number 746298 of a Norfolk Southern train derailment in Graniteville, South Carolina. The derailment invovled about 26 cars and three locomotives. Four rail cars are believed to contain hazardous materials, 3 chlorine and 1 sodium hydroxide car. At least one chlorine car is leaking. Unofficial reports are that around 300 people have reported to the hospital emergency room for treatment. Two triage units have been established to handle the overflow. State, County, and local hazmat teams have responded. Region 4 has mobilized 3 OSCs and 4 START contractors to assist in response activites.

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