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File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Scribe V310 Student Files.zip Scribe v310 Student Files and Comprehensive Training Guide Training 6/10/2019 15620 KB Download
Scribe_CLPNumberChage_WorkAround.pdf This guide discusses the steps to work-around Scribe auto-prefixing CLP Sample Numbers with either "M" or "P". Per changes to the CLP Program, these prefixes are no longer required by CLP. Changes will be made to Scribe to account for this update and a new Scribe install will be posted sometime in the Fall of 2021. User Guides 4/28/2021 386 KB Download
V 3.10.1 Scribe Training Guide.pdf Comprehensive Scribe Training Guide v3.10.1 to be used with Scribe Student Files User Guides 5/1/2019 11918 KB Download
Scribe Quick Start Guide Part I.pdf Scribe Quick Start Guide User Guides 5/5/2017 2573 KB Download
Scribe Manual Part II.pdf Scribe user manual Part II User Guides 5/5/2017 6634 KB Download
Scribe Manual Advanced Part III.pdf Scribe user manual Part III - includes Scribe.NET User Guides 5/5/2017 7065 KB Download
Scribe CLP User Guide.pdf Scribe CLP User Guide User Guides 5/5/2017 2925 KB Download
Scribe_EDD_Templates.zip Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) templates for Scribe are available to assist in the process of importing data into Scribe using Scribe’s Custom Import feature. User Guides 5/5/2017 427 KB Download
scribenet workflow models.pdf Describes several Scribe.NET Workflow Models Scribe.NET 10/3/2006 564 KB Download
scribe matrix and task id table for samples import.pdf Scribe 'Samples' Custom Import. Lists the keywords necessary to use Scribe’s custom import for the data category ‘Samples’. User Guides 2/5/2007 16 KB Download
New Scribe.NET RuleSet Project 2.zip Blank MDB for writing Scribe Auditor Queries Auditor 5/11/2017 385 KB Download
Scribe – Data Auditor.ppt Overview of the Scribe.NET Data Auditor feature Auditor 3/2/2012 377 KB Download
R10 DMP RuleSet Project.mdb Region 10 DMP Auditor Rules Database Auditor 7/23/2014 2609 KB Download
SERAS-ERT Guide for Scribe Data to R2_Superfund.docx User Guide for submitting SERAS-ERT Scribe data to EPA Region 2 Superfund. Includes instructions for importing updated Action Level queries. R2 Superfund 5/1/2018 3480 KB Download
SERAS_R2_Superfund_scribe3_Template.mdb ERT Scribe data to EPA Region 2 Superfund. Analytical Results will only be exported for samples collected after 1/31/2017. This version contains corrected Action Levels Queries and Updated R2 Superfund query. R2 Superfund 5/7/2018 2617 KB Download
SERAS-Scribe_DataElementDictionary_and_Valid_Values_Nov2018.xlsx Spreadsheet listing required Scribe fields and Valid Values for submitting SERAS-ERT Scribe data to EPA Region 2 Superfund R2 Superfund 12/11/2018 82 KB Download
R4_Scribe_v3_05182017.mdb ** Updated for Scribe v 3.10.1 ** Region 04 Scribe Template 05-17-2017 (includes new Custom Views, UniversalEDD layout and import script-v3.10.1) Scribe Template 5/18/2017 4186 KB Download
R9 Auditor Rules - Rev 170104.mdb R9 Auditor Rules Auditor 7/5/2017 2966 KB Download
R08 DMP_Rev_v24.mdb R08 DMP - version 24 Auditor 2/16/2018 3203 KB Download
R10ScribeRequirementsTEMPLATE5_WithMIHPT_CheatSheet_2-8-2021.zip ** Updated for Scribe v3.11.3 ** Region 10 Scribe Template Version 5 - updated to include a custom table for MiHPT data. Also included in this zip file are instructions on updating an existing site with custom R10 Scribe fields and a helpful cheat sheet. Scribe Template 2/8/2021 4026 KB Download
R9_Scribe_ValidValues.xlsx Valid Value List for Scribe project audited with the R09 All Sites set of auditor rules. R9 Scribe All Sites 2/17/2022 13 KB Download
R9_AuditorRules.mdb R9 Auditor Rules Database R9 Scribe All Sites 2/17/2022 2888 KB Download
R9_ScribeDataDeliveryGuidance__AuditRules.pdf Additional Scribe Data Delivery Guidance R9 Scribe All Sites 3/30/2022 818 KB Download